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8WHEN the free-spool is en­gag­ing and dis­en­gag­ing, re-at­tach the gear­box end-plate. If you’re hop­ing to not open it again for an­other 5-10 years, use sil­i­cone or a fresh gas­ket. If it’s your first time pulling a winch apart you may want to re-check it af­ter its first use, so re-use the ex­ist­ing gas­kets for now.

If you want to clock the hous­ing to re-po­si­tion where the free-spool lever is, now’s the time. The bolt pat­terns are rarely sym­met­ri­cal, so you may need to clock it slightly fur­ther than de­sired. If you’re not clock­ing the lever, then re-align the punch marks you left be­fore. Dab a touch of an­ti­seize on each bolt and in­stall fin­ger-tight, then tighten in a star pat­tern. Do the same on the cen­tre sec­tion if the ’box is a two-piece item.

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