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9SLIDE the winch drum back onto the gear­box end-plate, en­sur­ing it seats firmly onto the in­put shaft for the gears and the outer plan­e­tary gear it­self. There should be a smear of fresh grease in the plas­tic bush the drum rides in, and in the outer seal as well.

Re-in­stall the three cross­bars onto the gear­box end-plate and en­sure you use anti-seize, as the dis­sim­i­lar met­als can cause cor­ro­sion and lock bolts. Do the same again with the mo­tor end-plate. With the winch as­sem­bled and the drum cor­rectly aligned, re-in­stall the mo­tor onto the end-plate by ei­ther re-us­ing the ex­ist­ing gas­kets or re­plac­ing with sil­i­cone or new items. It can be dif­fi­cult lin­ing the long bolts up with their threads, so try hav­ing the mo­tor 2-3mm away from the hous­ing so you can see in­side.

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