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ON PAGE 86 of this is­sue, Fraser Stronach ex­plains the work­ing of Toy­ota’s KDSS sway bar sys­tem. Nis­san’s Hy­draulic Body Mo­tion Con­trol (HBMC) is sim­i­lar, but it takes it a step fur­ther and its ben­e­fits are greater.

For decades, off-road drivers have re­moved or dis­con­nected their ve­hi­cles’ anti-sway bars to im­prove the wheel travel of the sus­pen­sion and off-road abil­ity. That’s all good, but the prob­lem lies when you hit the road to go home and the ve­hi­cle rolls around like a tall cork in a rough sea. Anti-sway or sta­biliser bars con­trol body roll but limit wheel travel.

Nis­san’s full-in­de­pen­dent, coil-spring sus­pen­sion with HBMC does away with sway bars. In­stead, the shock ab­sorbers are linked by hy­draulic lines and are able to pres­surise each side of the ve­hi­cle to steady the ship. This ac­tion is speed­de­pen­dent so the shocks pres­surise at road speeds to main­tain a flat stance, but can soften up at low, off-road speeds to al­low the sus­pen­sion to droop to max­i­mum ef­fect.

Be­fore you write HBMC off as a sys­tem that will pre­vent you from rais­ing the ride height or fit­ting big­ger tyres, spe­cial­ist 4x4 shops such as Melbourne’s On Track 4x4 have de­vel­oped a kit to give the sys­tem a 50mm lift. You can’t build a hur­dle that the Aus­tralian 4x4 af­ter­mar­ket in­dus­try can’t con­quer!

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