In so many ways, the Y62 is like no other Pa­trol be­fore it

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THE Pa­trol rolls on large 18-inch al­loy wheels, but they wear sen­si­ble 70-as­pect tyres for a good-sized side­wall. The 265/70R18s are mas­sive and equate to a 33-inch tyre, so you should have no trou­ble fit­ting off-road 33s, or 35s with a mild sus­pen­sion lift.

There’s plenty of af­ter­mar­ket gear avail­able for the Y62, but more spe­cialised things like snorkels, draw­ers and rear bars can be harder to come by. The ac­tive crew in the Y62 own­ers group have done some sourc­ing of their own to get the prod­ucts they want made, and the in­take snorkel is one ex­am­ple.

Un­der the bon­net, the big air­box draws air through the near-side ’guard, while the air cleaner is ac­ces­si­ble with­out need­ing tools. There is space be­hind the stan­dard bat­tery for a sec­ond bat­tery, but you need to re­lo­cate a com­puter and some other bits to make it fit. There are kits avail­able for this. There are tow hooks front and rear, but they aren’t the solid-rated type you re­ally want to use for a ve­hi­cle re­cov­ery.

The stan­dard fuel tank’s 140-litre ca­pac­ity sounds good, but the best you’ll get out of the V8 en­gine on the high­way will be high 12s per 100km, so range will be lim­ited to around 700km. It’s the price you pay for hav­ing such a sweet V8 in a big bus.


IN SO many ways, the Y62 is like no other Pa­trol be­fore it, es­pe­cially in terms of the level of equip­ment in it com­pared to any­thing in the past. Among its many fea­tures, the Ti comes with HBMC; key­less en­try and push but­ton start; leather seats (the fronts with power ad­just­ment); three-zone cli­mate con­trol; sat-nav; an around-view mon­i­tor; tyre pres­sure mon­i­tor; and a power sun­roof.

Fork out more for the TI-L and you add forward col­li­sion warn­ing; blind spot mon­i­tor­ing; lane de­par­ture warn­ing; radar cruise con­trol; xenon head­lights; a Bose sound sys­tem; and power fold­ing door mir­rors with pud­dle lamps. The en­try-level Ti has ev­ery­thing you need, but the TI-L takes it up a notch.

If you want to go fur­ther, you could look at the Infiniti QX80. At $111,000, the QX80 is based on the same ve­hi­cle, but dials ev­ery­thing up to 11 – it comes in a be­spoke body that only a mother beluga whale could love. Both Pa­trols and the Infiniti all share the same 5.6L V8 en­gine mated to a seven-speed auto and all-mode 4x4 sys­tem; it’s just the level of fea­tures that dic­tates the price. How­ever, no mat­ter what you choose, all the good stuff is there at the base level.


THE Y62 Pa­trol mightn’t be the old GU we knew and loved, but it’s a new-age 4x4 that re­lies on tech­nol­ogy and brawn to de­liver a high-per­form­ing, su­per-spa­cious wagon. Sure, it’s thirsty com­pared to a diesel-fu­elled ve­hi­cle, and there’s no ques­tion Nis­san would sell a lot more of them if they could offer a diesel en­gine, but for what it is, there’s noth­ing like the big Pa­trol at this price. To get sim­i­lar lev­els of equip­ment and per­for­mance, you need to be look­ing at Euro­pean wag­ons that cost a lot more and don’t have the same off-road abil­ity.

Even for a Land Cruiser 200 Se­ries at sim­i­lar spec, you’re look­ing at $92,500 (for the VX petrol LC200) or $97,500 (for a VX diesel). With that $20K sav­ing, you could buy a lot of PULP to keep that VK56 V8 sing­ing.

The Y62 Pa­trol is a new-age 4x4 that re­lies on tech­nol­ogy and brawn to de­liver a high-per­form­ing, su­per-spa­cious wagon.

There’s space for a sec­ond bat­tery here, if you shift a few things.

Get on a straight stretch of dirt and let the V8 bel­low out all 298kw.

Wad­ing depth of 700mm; third-row seat­ing is poor con­sid­er­ing over­all size.

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