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LAND Rover’s Dis­cov­ery II (1998) of­fered ‘ac­tive’ sway bars, called Ac­tive Corner­ing En­hance­ment (ACE), on some mod­els. ACE used a high-vol­ume, high-pres­sure pump and hy­draulic rams, placed be­tween the chas­sis and the sway bars, to ten­sion or re­lax the sway bars de­pend­ing on whether the ve­hi­cle was trav­el­ling straight or around a cor­ner.

When trav­el­ling straight, the hy­draulic rams placed no re­sis­tance on the ends of the bars, which gave the ef­fect of not hav­ing a roll­bar at all. Once the ve­hi­cle en­tered a cor­ner the hy­draulic rams ten­sioned the sway bars by an amount pro­por­tional to the ve­hi­cle’s lat­eral ac­cel­er­a­tion, as mea­sured by two ac­celerom­e­ters. In essence, ACE is a more com­plex (pump-driven) ver­sion of Toy­ota’s KDSS sys­tem. It came out nearly 10 years be­fore KDSS first ap­peared on the then-new Land Cruiser 200, in 2007.

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