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TO RE­PAIR a tyre punc­ture out in the bush with a wheel still fit­ted to the ve­hi­cle, you’ll need a tyre plug punc­ture re­pair kit. This should in­clude at least 10 self-vul­can­is­ing plugs, a probe tool, an in­ser­tion tool, a ra­zor blade, lube, and a 12-volt tyre com­pres­sor to re-in­flate the tyre.

Only the tread area should be plugged. If the side­wall is punc­tured or torn, don’t try to plug it un­less you have no spare tyre and it’s to get you out of the bush. If you have no choice but to do this, drive slowly un­til you reach town and get the tyre re­placed im­me­di­ately.

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