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IN­GRE­DI­ENTS Serves 1 (but make many as you like)

1 bone­less chicken thigh/skin­less chicken breast (or pre-mar­i­nated chicken) Gar­lic/herb sea­son­ing (not needed if us­ing pre-mar­i­nated chicken) 2 tbs ranch dress­ing 1-2 tbs water Onion or leek, thinly sliced 1 potato, thickly sliced ½ car­rot, cut into thick sticks Hand­ful of green beans Ba­con or ham (op­tional) Black pep­per Grated parme­san cheese

DI­REC­TIONS Prepa­ra­tion time: 10-15min Cook­ing time: 20-30min, de­pend­ing on cut of chicken

• You can cook th­ese parcels over a fire, on a bar­be­cue plate on top of your gas stove, or in the oven. • For each par­cel you need one piece of heavy-duty foil (46 x 30cm) cov­ered with cook­ing oil (if you don’t have heavy-duty foil, use two sheets of foil stacked on top of each other). • Place the chicken in the mid­dle of the foil and sprin­kle on some gar­lic/ herb sea­son­ing. • In a bowl, mix the ranch dress­ing with the water and add the veg­eta­bles. Stir to combine. • Spoon the veg­eta­bles over the chicken and pour the dress­ing mix on top. • Sprin­kle with parme­san cheese (as lit­tle or as much as you want). • Seal the foil edges and cook over the fire/grill/bar­be­cue plate. • Ro­tate the pack­ets ev­ery five min­utes to pre­vent the bot­tom from burn­ing. Cook for ap­prox­i­mately 20 min­utes (the length of time will de­pend on the thick­ness of the chicken). • Don’t have the fire too hot or you’ll burn the bot­tom of the chicken/ veg­gies. It’s best to cook it longer and slower. • Fold back the foil to al­low steam to es­cape. Then test the chicken and veg­gies to see if they are done. Re­seal if they need a lit­tle more time. • Don’t flip over as you’ll lose all the lovely juices. • To serve, sim­ply open the foil packet and eat.


DON’T cut the veg­eta­bles too thick or they’ll take longer to cook than the chicken. How­ever, if you cut the veg­gies too small they’ll turn to mush. The quan­tity (and type) of veg­eta­bles you put into each par­cel is up to you.

If us­ing a bar­be­cue that has a lid, close it, as it will keep in all the heat and cook the pack­ets more evenly.

To make a foil packet, lay a large sheet of heavy-duty foil (or a dou­ble layer of reg­u­lar foil) on a flat sur­face, then spray the sur­face with oil. Next, put the in­gre­di­ents in the cen­tre of the foil and bring the short ends of the foil to­gether, leav­ing some room in the pack­ets for the steam. Fold twice and pinch the seams tightly to keep the steam from es­cap­ing.


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