4 x 4 Australia - - Techniques -

OVER time things are likely to get dam­aged through mis­use, poor stor­age con­di­tions, or wear and tear. Be­fore at­tempt­ing to lift your 4x4, give the jack and all hoses a thor­ough in­spec­tion. Keep an eye out for signs of abra­sion, cuts, seams split­ting, or bag de­for­ma­tion. While they may seem mi­nor, even a small sur­face cut can be­come a point of fail­ure once the weight of your 4x4 is sit­ting on it. If pos­si­ble, in­flate the bag off to the side for a thor­ough in­spec­tion be­fore per­form­ing the lift.


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