4 x 4 Australia - - Techniques -

WHEN you’re happy with the bag po­si­tion and con­fi­dent the 4x4 won’t roll away when lifted, bump the gear­stick into neu­tral and start the en­gine. The 4x4 should be void of pas­sen­gers, with only the op­er­a­tor in the im­me­di­ate area con­trol­ling the ig­ni­tion through an open win­dow. Keep the revs low to en­sure a slow and con­trolled lift. Ad­just­ing the idle up will of­ten blow the ex­haust bung out rather than speed up the process. Cut the ig­ni­tion when the bag makes con­tact with the chas­sis and dou­ble-check that it’s lift­ing evenly.


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