4 x 4 Australia - - Techniques -

1 JACKS are de­signed for lift­ing, not hold­ing. If you want to swing your legs un­der your 4x4, en­sure it’s sit­ting on a stand, not a bag of hot air.

2 Un­less your idea of a fun week­end is a lung­ful of ex­haust gas, you’ll need to be care­ful both in­flat­ing and de­flat­ing the jack.

3 Things can go pear-shaped when per­form­ing any re­cov­ery. Keep ev­ery­one out of the 4x4 and the im­me­di­ate ar­eas, es­pe­cially if work­ing on a hill.

4 De­spite their abil­ity to lift mas­sive weight, ex­haust jacks will rarely han­dle more than 10psi.

5 4x4s can and will fall off jacks, no mat­ter what they’re made of. If you’re lift­ing a 4x4, it needs to be chocked.

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