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HIGH-TECH com­mon-rail diesel en­gines grac­ing the lat­est crop of 4x4s are bril­liant, pow­er­ful and eco­nom­i­cal ma­chines, but they need par­tic­u­lar care with re­gards to clean­li­ness in a few key ar­eas – one of which is the fuel fil­ter. Slurp­ing a gut­ful of dirty diesel into your en­gine could see you up for a hefty re­pair bill of up to $20,000.

While you may in­tend to only fill up at rep­utable sta­tions, that’s sim­ply not a re­al­is­tic or fail­safe plan. The bet­ter op­tion is to en­sure only clean fuel finds its way into your high-pres­sure fuel pump by fil­ter­ing ev­ery­thing – the clean and the not-so-clean. Enter the Flashlube diesel pre-fil­ter. For a small out­lay (com­pared to a huge re­pair bill) most home me­chan­ics could fit one of these kits in an hour or two.

The pre-fil­ter kit is placed before the orig­i­nal equip­ment fil­ter. It’s more coarse (at 30 mi­crons) com­pared to most stan­dard fil­ters (at five mi­crons) and in­cor­po­rates a water sep­a­ra­tor to pre­vent water trav­el­ling into the in­jec­tors and lines. The tap at the bot­tom of the glass view­ing bowl al­lows easy drain­ing of water, while the re­place­able car­tridges sim­ply push on and off for fast re­place­ment.

The idea of pre-fil­ter­ing is to get rid larger-di­am­e­ter for­eign par­ti­cles (fun­gus, rust, scale and dirt, as well as water) that would quickly clog the OE fil­ter, ren­der­ing it use­less. It po­ten­tially pre­vents dirty fuel from flow­ing into the in­jec­tor lines and ul­ti­mately block­ing or foul­ing the in­jec­tors.

The pre-fil­ter­ing kit doesn’t im­pede the job of the OE fil­ter, nor does it neg­a­tively af­fect OE sen­sors and OE dash-mounted warn­ing lights. Should the pre-fil­ter be­come blocked with con­tam­i­nates, it can sim­ply be re­placed – a much cheaper op­tion than re­plac­ing the more ex­pen­sive OE unit. Ul­ti­mately, the OE fil­ter will stay cleaner for longer but I’d be stick­ing with the man­u­fac­turer’s rec­om­mended change in­ter­vals just to be sure.

The kit we fit­ted to the Troopy came with a 12-volt water warn­ing kit that fea­tures an LED warn­ing light to im­me­di­ately alert the driver should water be cap­tured in the bowl. It also comes with a ve­hi­cle­spe­cific bracket and hose kit (along with all nec­es­sary nuts, bolts and mount­ing hard­ware) to make the job sim­ple.

This kit is so damn sim­ple to fit and can po­ten­tially save you a for­tune in re­pair bills. It should be one of the first ac­ces­sories fit­ted to all 4x4s to en­sure clean fuel is fed into an en­gine.

Flashlube pre-fil­ter kit keeps the Troopy’s heart clean. RATED AVAIL­ABLE FROM: www.flashlube.com RRP: Kit $190; re­place­ment el­e­ment $55; fit­ting kit from $120; hand primer $80; water sen­sor $181. WE SAY: A must-have.

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