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THIS newly re­leased fridge from Op­po­site Lock is a stain­less-steel unit de­signed in South Africa. It has a plethora of high­qual­ity in­clu­sions, all at a mod­est price. There are only two sizes at present (40- and 72-litre) and we were the first to be given a sam­ple 40-litre unit.

The com­pres­sor is a 66-watt Sno­mas­ter unit (not a Secop/dan­foss), while the fridge elec­tron­ics in­cor­po­rate ad­justable low bat­tery pro­tec­tion and 12-, 24- and 240-volt power in­lets. It has a 60mm-thick wall filled with high-den­sity, high-pres­sure-in­jected polyurethane in­su­la­tion.

In­side is a rip­pled alu­minium in­ner wall with in­cor­po­rated evap­o­ra­tor, an in­ter­nal LED light and three sep­a­rate bas­kets – two stacked and one for the dairy sec­tion. The in­ner wall lin­ing is eas­ily dented if you drop a heavy, hard-edged item onto it.

It’s supplied with a wire­less temp and bat­tery mon­i­tor read­out, which plugs into the cig­a­rette power out­let. A padded poly­cot­ton – with sil­ver re­flec­tive in­ner lin­ing – tran­sit bag is a great in­clu­sion given the over­all price. We didn’t re­ceive the bag, though, as we were early re­ceiv­ing the yetto-be re­leased sam­ple fridge.

A sin­gle lock­able latch com­presses the lid seal, which is a wide, multi-stage rub­ber that presses against a wide, smooth cabi­net lip. Two spring-loaded, fold-flat carry han­dles dou­ble as tie-downs, and an ex­ter­nal lid cord stops the lid from overopen­ing on its two stain­less-steel hinges.

The flush-mounted con­trol/dis­play panel in­cor­po­rates temp con­trols, com­pres­sor speed con­trol, bat­tery mon­i­tor dis­play and a mode but­ton. The afore­men­tioned wire­less dis­play sim­u­lates the main fridge dis­play with temp and bat­tery mon­i­tor info.

Like all stain­less-steel fridges, ex­pect fin­ger­prints to show up – al­though the pro­tec­tive bag will hide this.


IT MAY not be nec­es­sary given how sturdy the lid ap­pears, but I’d like to see two lid latches to evenly com­press the lid on its rub­ber seal. The stack­able bas­kets pre­vent tall bot­tles from stand­ing up­right; a trap door in the up­per bas­ket would fix this. Other than that, this newly re­leased fridge might take the mar­ket by storm.

An ex­ter­nal lid cord stops the lid from over-open­ing. Flush-mounted con­trol and read-out panel. 12-, 24- and 240-volt power in­lets pro­vided. Sin­gle lock­able latch keeps the lid sealed shut.

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