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THE Waeco CFX fea­tures a Waeco com­pres­sor with VMSO (vari­able mo­tor speed op­ti­mi­sa­tion), mean­ing the com­pres­sor speed will vary de­pend­ing on the load (amount of cool­ing) re­quired. The fridge also fea­tures se­lectable low volt­age bat­tery pro­tec­tion and a ‘soft start’ to help lessen the ini­tial elec­tri­cal load.

The flush-mounted con­trols are easy to use and the sturdy, pow­der-coated han­dles can fold flat and dou­ble as tie-down points. There’s a USB port to plug in other devices for charg­ing. 12-, 24- and 240-volt leads are supplied as stan­dard, al­low­ing the Waeco to run on all power sup­plies.

The easy-to-open re­mov­able lid has a re­cessed rub­ber seal to pre­vent dam­age, while a raised lip on the cabi­net com­presses into it to pro­vide a good seal. The ex­ter­nal polypropy­lene walls and lid keep the fridge look­ing good re­gard­less of the tiny scraps and scratches it may get over time.

In­ter­nally, the evap­o­ra­tor plates are flush-mounted, and the bas­ket has a ver­ti­cal di­vider and a sep­a­rate dairy sec­tion. There’s also a bung in the base of the fridge to empty spilt liq­uids and an LED light in the end wall.


IT NEEDS a lift-out bas­ket for the dairy sec­tion, and the evap­o­ra­tor plate could ex­tend to the top of the in­ter­nal walls to spread the cold more evenly. The lat­ter is a mi­nor point and may not make much real-world dif­fer­ence to the cool­ing per­for­mance.

Easy-to-use flush­mounted con­trols. Re­mov­able lid’s re­cessed seal is safe from dam­age. The lid can be eas­ily and quickly re­moved. AC and DC in­puts pro­vide mul­ti­ple power op­tions.

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