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THIS “quick and easy” job ended up tak­ing me two frus­trat­ing, swear filled days to fire the mighty Troopy back into life. Not due to the new Flashlube fil­ter­ing kit, but rather the in­abil­ity of the OE primer to prime a huge amount of fuel into an empty sys­tem. Ad­mit­tedly I made the job harder by chang­ing the OE fil­ter and emp­ty­ing the whole car­tridge can­is­ter at the same time as fit­ting the Flashlube kit.

Other than re­vert­ing back to the stan­dard fuel lines and sin­gle OE fil­ter, I was at a loss as to what to do. I called my local me­chanic at M&H Me­chan­i­cal in Lau­ri­eton for help. Matt im­me­di­ately di­ag­nosed the prob­lem over the phone and of­fered the loan of a man­ual bulb pump they use in the marine in­dus­try (it sucks fuel from the tank to the out­board mo­tor) to help fill the Troopy’s fuel sys­tem. The pump primed the com­plete and up­dated fuel sys­tem.

In hind­sight, Flashlube of­fers an op­tional hand primer that at­taches to its pre-fil­ter kit, so that would have saved a huge amount of time and frus­tra­tion. Plus I should have in­tro­duced the new fil­ter kit prior to chang­ing the OE fil­ter and emp­ty­ing the contents of the OE fuel can­is­ter, rather than do­ing both jobs at the same time.

I have since stopped at Cam­den Haven Marine and bought a hand­primer bulb. At $11.30 it’s a good in­vest­ment and will be stay­ing in the Troopy’s tool­box, where it’ll also be used to help syphon fuel from jerry cans – that’s bet­ter than a mouth­ful of diesel.

Hand-primer bulb (above) is an in­valu­able in­vest­ment. MOUNTED NO room on the pas­sen­ger side, so Flashlube sup­plies brack­ets to fit it to the driver side.

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