Shawry Salute

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LIKE ev­ery closed group or se­cret so­ci­ety that has a covert hand­shake, wink, tickle or hug, the TOA mob have their own unique ges­ture of ac­knowl­edge­ment: the Shawry Salute. Orig­i­nat­ing from the loss of one of Michael Shaw’s fin­gers, the Shawry Salute has be­come the of­fi­cial TOA greet­ing.

Ram­ble camp­fire chat had that digit be­ing chewed off by a huge croc, run over by a Troopy wear­ing split rims, and even slammed in a Troopy barn door. The real way Shawry lost that ring fin­ger is… sorry, can’t tell you.

Any­one out­side the Troopy fam­ily who finds out, will face the same painful con­se­quences.

So, if you re­ally need to know, you’ll have to buy a Troopy and join the fam­ily.

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