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TRY as you might, some­times things just go wrong and there’s very lit­tle you can do to stop it. In sit­u­a­tions like this it’s vi­tal to have an es­cape plan; iden­tify the po­ten­tial dan­gers be­fore they hap­pen and know what you’re go­ing to do if the worst does hap­pen. In most sit­u­a­tions this will be as sim­ple as work­ing with grav­ity. If you start slid­ing back­wards be­fore you can re­gain con­trol, fight­ing it with heavy brak­ing and ex­ag­ger­ated steer­ing can see you slid­ing out of con­trol and even rolling. You’re far bet­ter off let­ting grav­ity take the ve­hi­cle, and then make slow but de­lib­er­ate steer­ing in­puts to guide it back down the track. Once you’ve re­gained steer­ing con­trol you can at­tempt gen­tle brak­ing. In al­most all sit­u­a­tions you’re bet­ter off be­ing in con­trol at 30km/h than be­ing out of con­trol at 5km/h.

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