4 x 4 Australia - - 4x4 Techniques -

TURN the key and start the en­gine, with your right foot cov­er­ing the brakes, your left foot off the clutch, and the 4x4 in re­verse. It may hes­i­tate to turn over, but when it starts you’ll be driv­ing back­wards. Stay off the brakes and use en­gine brak­ing for a con­trolled de­scent. If you’re un­cer­tain re­vers­ing, look­ing over your shoul­der is a sure-fire way to get dis­ori­en­tated. You’re bet­ter off us­ing both mir­rors, with both hands on the wheel. To go right, pull the steer­ing wheel down with your right hand; to go left, pull the wheel with your left hand.


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