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AS WE HEAD into the sec­ond half of the year, there are some clear win­ners – and some ob­vi­ous losers – in the an­nual sales race.

The real sur­prise is the Landcruiser 200, which con­tin­ues its climb up the sales lad­der with a 20.6 per cent vol­ume in­crease this year. July sales are up 55 per cent com­pared with the same month in 2015.

Jeep isn’t far­ing too well with its dual-range of­fer­ings. The Grand Chero­kee – not long ago vy­ing with the Prado for large SUV wagon sales – has seen a de­cline of 43.7 per cent this year, while the Wran­gler has de­clined 41.8 per cent.

Nis­san’s GU Pa­trol wagon sol­diers along, in July notch­ing up 144 sales, with a 1009 to­tal for the year to date.

While the Mit­subishi Tri­ton is chalk­ing up some im­pres­sive sales num­bers, vol­ume is down 17.6 per cent this year.

The Volk­swa­gen Amarok trun­dles along in sales vol­ume, with a 0.2 per cent de­cline year-on-year. July sales are down 14.4 per cent com­pared with July 2015 num­bers.

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