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THERE’S an in-car cam­era video do­ing the rounds of Face­book that cap­tures a rolled-up piece of foam – sim­i­lar to a swag – blow­ing out of the back of a boat be­ing towed along a high­way. Be­hind the boat is a mo­tor­cy­clist.

Thank­fully, the mo­tor­cy­clist wasn’t badly in­jured (the voice in the video tells us he’s up), but it just goes to show how eas­ily things can turn awry – and how im­por­tant it is to make sure ev­ery­thing you’re car­ry­ing is prop­erly loaded and tied to the ve­hi­cle.

In fact, to help pre­vent sit­u­a­tions like this there’s leg­is­la­tion in many states – or ex­ist­ing leg­is­la­tion is be­ing more rig­or­ously en­forced – re­gard­ing ty­ing down (or mak­ing se­cure) any and all equip­ment and ma­te­ri­als in the back of a ute.

With so many utes be­ing used for work and play, and with a greater chance for stuff to go wrong, it’s easy to see why our dili­gent lads and ladies in uni­form are keen to keep the roads safe. Word is: if some­one can reach into your load area and grab a crushed soft drink can, for ex­am­ple, then your load isn’t se­cure. That makes sense, be­cause even some­thing as triv­ial as a chip packet can cause a dan­ger­ous dis­trac­tion to other driv­ers if it blows off a tray at 110km/h.

En­ter the Safe­guard Cargo Net, a cer­ti­fied, load-rated cargo con­tain­ment net. Edi­tor Matt and I grabbed one of these nets re­cently in prepa­ra­tion for a week-long out­back trek, and even as we were load­ing our bor­rowed ute with the of­fice fridge and other stuff, we were im­me­di­ately im­pressed with its strength and ease of use.

The Safe­guard utilises a tight grid of web­bing in­ter-filled with a fine see-through mesh. Un­like those con­ven­tional el-cheapo nets we’ve all used in the past, the Safe­guard has plenty of body so it doesn’t eas­ily get tan­gled or crum­pled.

Ra­di­at­ing to­ward each cor­ner are sev­eral teth­ers to al­low easy ad­just­ment us­ing the kara­bin­ers, to suit vary­ing load heights/ sizes. The fi­nal pull-down of the Safe­guard over your equip­ment is via cam-lock­e­quipped straps.

The triple-layer-edge straps mean it’s pos­si­ble to pull the Safe­guard’s edges down tight to the floor of a ute tub to wrap all the way over, say, a load of fire­wood.

For ease of use and ef­fec­tive­ness, the Safe­guard Cargo Net is avail­able in eight sizes. Scores a dou­ble GT thumbs-up.

Sturdy and de­signed with an eye to ease of use, the Safe­guard Cargo Net is eas­ily ad­justed. Cam-locked straps and heavy-duty kara­bin­ers make the Safe­guard a ver­sa­tile cover-all for many loads.

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