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DANA’S LC79 has been its R&D and show ve­hi­cle, log­ging up the kays to test the Ul­ti­mate 60 un­der all man­ner of loads and con­di­tions. We took it out for a day to get a feel for the new rear end.

There’s not much to say about the per­for­mance around town, it drives like any other Cruiser. The real dif­fer­ence comes when you hit the gravel roads and get off-road.

The stan­dard 70 has an in­her­ent ten­dency to wan­der at speed on loose sur­faces, as the out­side edge of the rear tyres ride along the edge of the groove cre­ated by the front tyres. This has the driver con­stantly mak­ing cor­rec­tions on the wheel to keep it pointed straight.

The wheel track correction of the Dana Ul­ti­mate 60 has the rear wheels fol­low­ing the fronts to rec­tify this prob­lem and make the car more sta­ble. This again works in your favour on mud or sand where the rear wheels no longer have to forge their own track through the sur­face, as they now fol­low di­rectly in the track of the front wheels.

This track fix is a win both onand off-road, and then you have the added bonus of a heav­ier duty rear axle al­low­ing for a larger GVM up­grade. –MR

22,600 staff work at Dana’s core of­fice in Maine, Ohio, USA.

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