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THE hypoid gear­ing ar­range­ment is sim­i­lar to a spi­ral bevel gear set-up with the ex­cep­tion of the pin­ion, which doesn’t share the same axis as the ring gear – in a rear dif­fer­en­tial ap­pli­ca­tion it’s usu­ally mounted lower.

The ben­e­fits of mesh­ing the pin­ion gear on a lower axis is that more gear teeth are in mesh with the ring gear at any one time, mean­ing power from the en­gine is dis­trib­uted on a greater area than bevel gear­ing. So, for the same size gear­ing, it’s able to trans­mit more power and torque. How­ever, the gears slide over each other as they mesh, which cre­ates fric­tion. This fric­tion costs power, so, while stronger, hypoid gear­ing isn’t as ef­fi­cient.

There’s one other con­sid­er­a­tion with hypoid spi­ral bevel gear­ing: there are two sides to the gear, a drive side and a coast side, and the coast side is 30-40 per cent weaker than the drive. This is just one of the rea­sons not to per­form a re­verse snatch strap re­cov­ery.

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