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THESE days a diff is the term used for the whole drive as­sem­bly, in­clud­ing the hous­ing, brakes, axles, etc. But what it ac­tu­ally refers to is the dif­fer­en­tial gear­ing as­sem­bly in­side the heart (car­rier) of the diff.

A con­ven­tional dif­fer­en­tial is com­prised of four gears. Two are at­tached di­rectly to the axles, the other two are free to spin on their own axis but are mounted to the car­rier, which in turn is ro­tated by the ring gear.

How do we get the turn­ing power of the drive­shaft to the car­rier? There are two style of gears nor­mally used:

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