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IF YOU’RE head­ing down a steep, un­du­lat­ing hill, a dou­ble-locked car can’t be beaten, as it re­duces the weight placed on al­ter­nat­ing wheels. An un­locked car will lock the brakes and in­ter­mit­tently slide, be­fore grab­bing trac­tion as the weight comes back on the wheel. A locked car won’t lock wheels and then slide down the hill, as both wheels are me­chan­i­cally locked to­gether, act­ing as a solid unit.

If go­ing up­hill, lock­ers again reign supreme. Trac­tion con­trol waits for the axle to start los­ing trac­tion be­fore it coun­ter­acts by brak­ing the spin­ning wheel. This takes time, so you’ll al­ways lose mo­men­tum waiting for trac­tion con­trol to re­act – and that might be enough to stop you in your tracks.

How­ever, any­one who has driven a dou­ble-locked car will tell you that cor­ner­ing isn’t its strong­est point. On the flip­side, trac­tion con­trol is smart enough to op­er­ate even around a hair­pin bend.

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