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AFTER dig­ging a me­tre-deep hole in the sand for the bet­ter part of an hour you’d be for­given for let­ting the mind wan­der to bet­ter ways of get­ting the job done. Well, believe it or not, there are two pop­u­lar ground an­chors on the mar­ket and each works in its own, very dif­fer­ent way.

The most widely known is the Pull­pal, hail­ing from the USA. It’s essen­tially a 350mm x 600mm shovel on a large frame you at­tach to your winch. As you reel in the line, the shovel pulls both to­wards you and down un­til it finds pur­chase in harder ground un­der­neath.

A lesser known al­ter­na­tive comes from the guys at Lan-cor in New Zealand. It func­tions like a gi­ant corkscrew that you wind deep into the ground and winch off the base.

The ma­jor ad­van­tage both op­tions have over bury­ing your spare is that they can be used in any terrain, from slip­pery out­back tracks to deep mud. Best of all, nei­ther will leave you a ball of sweat when you’re done.

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