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FOR PART two of 4X4 Aus­tralia’s six-garage series we’ve taken a gan­der at Ter­rain Tamer’s im­pres­sive range of OE re­place­ment and heavy-duty brake prod­ucts.

The Vic­to­rian-based 4WD parts spe­cial­ist has been in the busi­ness of en­hanc­ing a 4x4’s ca­pa­bil­i­ties since 1969, when Don Ky­att and Frank Hutchin­son orig­i­nally ser­viced Bed­ford 4WDS.

Ter­rain Tamer now ex­ports its range of more than 40,000 4WD parts all over the world, in­clud­ing to Ice­land, Africa and South Amer­ica. Re­search and devel­op­ment takes part at Ter­rain Tamer’s Mel­bourne HQ, while parts are tested at the com­pany’s own pri­vate 4WD track.

4WD guru and parts spe­cial­ist Al­lan Gray dropped in to 4X4 Aus­tralia’s Garage to chew the fat about Ter­rain Tamer’s lat­est range of brake prod­ucts.

The com­pany dishes up brake lines, pads, ro­tors, calipers and hand­brake re­place­ment kits – any­thing from di­rect re­place­ment brake prod­ucts to high per­for­mance kits for heavy duty tow­ing.

“We’ve got the stan­dard discs that we sell for the or­di­nary, every­day per­son, and we’ve also got a heavy duty range now,” Al­lan said.

The heavy duty pack­age com­prises of heavy duty ro­tors, and Al­lan rec­om­mends

these are what to look for when you’re plan­ning on pulling a heavy load. The heavy duty ro­tors are paired with high­strength ce­ramic pads, and the pack­age is de­signed to be fade-re­sis­tant.

“The [heavy duty disc] has got drilled and cross-slot­ted ro­tors to get rid of noise and wa­ter. And we’ve got heavy duty ce­ramic pads to go with it for peo­ple who are tow­ing horse floats or heavy car­a­vans, or those in the min­ing de­part­ment,” Al­lan added.

For those not pulling a heavy load, Ter­rain Tamer of­fers a stan­dard pad that ac­com­pa­nies the or­di­nary OE disc.

Also in the parts cat­a­logue is a fix for Toy­ota’s crook 70 Series hand­brake. The hand­brake is renowned for its sub-par per­for­mance, so Ter­rain Tamer set to work cre­at­ing a sim­ple kit to rem­edy the OE hand­brake’s com­pli­ca­tions.

“We’ve got a com­plete hand­brake kit for it [the 70 Series], which has hun­dreds of bits in it,” Al­lan said. “We’ve got this im­proved strut which takes up the slack from the stan­dard one, so the hand­brake works much closer to the ground. In­stead of the hand­brake com­ing right up and hit­ting you in the el­bow, it’s just two or three notches and it works quite well. Great idea, ev­ery­one should have one.”

It’s def­i­nitely some­thing 70 Series own­ers should con­sider in­vest­ing in. Al­lan added: “A bril­liant idea and it fits eas­ily,”

To get a closer look at how the heavy duty brake pack­age comes to­gether, we ducked down to Ter­rain Tamer’s fac­tory in Tot­ten­ham in Mel­bourne’s west to

watch Al­lan and the lads fit some discs and pads to a Toy­ota LC79, as well as the hand­brake kit.

We took the freshly up­dated Cruiser for a gal­lop on Ter­rain Tamer’s pri­vate 4WD track. The heavy duty brake kit pro­vided the steed with a more con­fi­dent feel and a firmer bite. And, when lug­ging a heavy load, the dif­fer­ence be­tween the stock­ers was highly no­tice­able.

Don’t have a Toy­ota? Don’t stress, as Ter­rain Tamer’s range caters for most mod­ern 4WDS.

“[Our range cov­ers] just about ev­ery­thing now. As ve­hi­cles come out, we in­crease the range. For all mod­ern 4WDS it’s the way to go,” Al­lan said.

To see the full in­ter­view, and to take a tour of Ter­rain Tamer’s fa­cil­i­ties, head to www.4x4aus­tralia.com.au/4x4­garage and check out the video.

High-po kit is rec­om­mended when pulling heavy loads.

Tak­ing the 70 Series for a spin on Ter­rain Tamer’s 4WD course.

This lit­tle link pro­vides an easy fix for crook 70 Series Landcruiser hand­brakes. Fit­ting the heavy duty brake discs to the 70 Series.

Ter­rain Tamer’s heavy duty brake kit get­ting a thor­ough work­out. The heavy duty brake kit pro­vided the Cruiser with a more con­fi­dent feel and a firmer bite

Al­lan’s lost count of how many tyres he’s swapped over the years.

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