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YAKIMA con­tin­ues to add ac­ces­sories to its pop­u­lar Lockn’load sys­tem. As the name sug­gests, the Aceo’spades is a spade/shovel holder (made from glass-re­in­forced plas­tic) that can also be used to carry ca­noe/kayak/sup pad­dles. It at­taches to the plat­form rack’s slats via a clever 21mm ac­ces­sory slot that in­cor­po­rates drop-in cut-outs for this pur­pose. The holder is op­er­ated by a unique ‘pop and drop’ mech­a­nism, where you push in the ratch­ets on each side of the holder and it opens up. You then place the shovel on top of the rub­ber pads and clamp it back down. The Aceo’spades will hold han­dles with di­am­e­ters of be­tween 30-55mm. You can also lock the holder us­ing the supplied key. RRP: $69 Web­site:

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