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IT HAS a 4.2L turbo-diesel; Nis­san four-speed auto; twin trans­fer cases with Marks adap­tor; rear axle moved back 300mm to make MWB; GU Pa­trol diffs with 4.8 GU brakes; ARB air lock­ers front and rear with ARB com­pres­sor; Su­pe­rior En­gi­neer­ing Su­per­flex front arms; Su­pe­rior sway bar dis­con­nects; Su­pe­rior drag links and tie rods; three-inch King Springs; TJM shocks; Trail Gear Creeper locks bead-lock rims; Fed­eral 37-inch tyres; ARB bull­bar; cus­tom rock slid­ers; Warn 9.5 CTI-S winch; Warn M8000-s winch (rear); OZ4WD triple-row light bar; OZ4WD sev­eninch LED driv­ing lights; Rhino Pi­o­neer roof rack; OZ4WD sin­glerow light bar; Eight EVP mini light­bars; Airtech snorkel; Re­caro seats; cus­tom long-range tank; two-inch body lift; PWL al­loy ra­di­a­tor; and a three-inch Beaudesert Ex­haust sys­tem.

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