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IT’S BEEN a very quiet cou­ple of months since I first parked the gold Disco in the Walker drive­way (much to my fel­low Landy own­ers’ dis­ap­point­ment, I can re­port no oil stains yet). A combo of things, rang­ing from the whole fam­ily cop­ping a huge dose of Syd­ney’s ram­pag­ing flu for a month, to be­ing out and about with Ed­i­tor Matt to meet some in­dus­try folks up in Syd­ney, has meant my shiny ex­am­ple of Soli­hull’s finest has seen very lim­ited use.

Much to my shame, the Disco has even been the sub­ject of the ‘school run’ and has only seen a dirt road very briefly on one sin­gle day this past month. This has suited me, how­ever, as I have been tool­ing away in the back­ground sort­ing out what I want to fit to the big rig for its fu­ture camp­ing and tour­ing du­ties.

One of the most im­por­tant choices in any off-road ve­hi­cle build is en­sur­ing you have the right tyres. I’m a mas­sive fan of Light Truck (LT) all-ter­rain tyres, but I de­cided to try a slightly dif­fer­ent tack, ow­ing to the fact the ma­jor­ity of the Disco’s driv­ing will still be around town and on bi­tu­men. Plus, I want to keep some sem­blance of the ex­cel­lent fuel con­sump­tion these ve­hi­cles are ca­pa­ble of when in stock form. To this end, I se­lected Hankook Dy­napro ATM 235/70R16 tyres.

These are an ex­act match size-wise to the stan­dard rub­ber and, al­though chunkier in pro­file, will hope­fully not ask too much of the, err, leisurely TD5 when it comes to get­ting mov­ing. Hankook does a num­ber of LT vari­ants in the Dy­napro ATM range, but the size I was af­ter was only avail­able in the reg­u­lar con­struc­tion, but ‘reg­u­lar’ in this in­stance is still a ro­bust, beefy tyre.

The Dy­napro ATM ap­pear­ance is char­ac­terised by the chunky wrap­around tread, which is de­signed to pro­tect against side stak­ing and cuts. This works in con­junc­tion with the thick side­wall rub­ber gauge for ex­tra pro­tec­tion, and it should aid in trac­tion driv­ing through nar­row ruts. The tyre car­cass is re­in­forced, while the joint­less bead wire will en­sure the tyre stays put if aired down for sand driv­ing.

Stephen Bird and the lads at Jax Brook­vale very re­cently had the four tyres swapped over, bal­anced and ready to roll within half an hour, so I’ve only had a brief stint with the new rub­ber. Hav­ing said that, the few high­way drives since fit­ment have been fine – the tyres emit no no­tice­able ad­di­tional noise, even though the tread is more ag­gres­sive than the stock ones, and grip in the vary­ing con­di­tions has been fine so far. The Hankook Dy­napro ATMS – and the Dis­cov­ery – will see their first real test some­time next month when we head off for a week­end up the coast for a spot of camp­ing.

The first step al­ways takes the long­est, so now that these tyres are fit­ted, hope­fully the next few items on my musthave list will come to­gether a bit faster and I can start plan­ning a big camp­ing ad­ven­ture for spring.

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