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IAM A great fan of Cole­man stoves, hav­ing used them ex­clu­sively for many years. Cole­man’s Hyperflame Fyreknight two-burner stove has been around for a year or two, and we’ve been us­ing it for the past few months.

The stove’s high qual­ity is re­flected in its build, con­struc­tion and its price. Made from thick steel, the 7kg unit will eas­ily stand up to the abuse it’ll cop on camp­ing and four-wheel drive trips.

The stove comes with two burn­ers rated at 12,000BTUS each (which means a lot of heat), a gas reg­u­la­tor, In­stas­tart light­ing for ease of use, and a lock­ing carry han­dle.

Like all Cole­man gas prod­ucts, the unit’s de­signed to run on Cole­man’s dis­pos­able propane gas car­tridges, but these are ex­pen­sive here in Aus­tralia (I carry one or two of these car­tridges for emer­gency use only). Due to this, the unit is also pro­vided with a gas hose that adapts the reg­u­la­tor to a stan­dard 3/8-inch gas­bot­tle fit­ting.

What makes this stove unique is the wind pro­tec­tion of­fered by the wind­shield-pan sup­ports that en­close each gas burner. These wind­shields pro­tect the flame from wind and do away with the need for ver­ti­cal wind shields that are nor­mally part of gas-stove lids. As such, the Hyperflame can eas­ily ac­com­mo­date two pans up to 30cm in di­am­e­ter, while the wind­shield-pan sup­ports can eas­ily be re­moved for clean­ing.

So, how well does the stove work? When on high, each burner will boil a litre of wa­ter in around three min­utes, which puts its ca­pa­bil­ity up the top end of camp stoves. Neg­a­tives? De­pend­ing on the size of your pot or pan, it can be a bit noisy. And we ini­tially had an is­sue with ad­just­ing the flame when it was down low, but ex­pe­ri­ence has taught us how to do that ef­fec­tively.

One of the things you’ll no­tice is that the flame comes from the cen­tre of the burner (not the side like most camp stoves), which may cause a hot spot for del­i­cate cook­ing. A stan­dard heat mat solves that is­sue.

Breeze has min­i­mal im­pact on the flame, but that’s not to say you can sit it in a gale and ex­pect it to heat at its op­ti­mum level. All in all, this is a great stove and you won’t be dis­ap­pointed with it.

AVAIL­ABLE FROM: www.cole­m­anaus­tralia. com.au RRP: $280 (but you can get it as low as $180). WE SAY: Well-made to last a life­time.

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