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SOUNDS great in the­ory, right? And it is, ex­cept the fac­tory doesn’t al­ways get things right. One of the worst of­fend­ers is the LC200. Out of the box it per­forms rea­son­ably well from first gear all the way through to fourth, then it all falls apart. The torque con­ver­tor locks in way too late, then it holds fifth gear from 70km/h to around 120km/h be­fore it’ll fi­nally lug over into sixth. If you’ve got larger tyres, you’ll rarely use sixth. This is where ECU remap­ping comes into play.

“What we do is read the fac­tory cal­i­bra­tion in the ECU,” Paul Far­rell told us. “We can then go through and change what­ever needs at­ten­tion.”

With the fac­tory file pulled out of the ECU, the tuner can change the trans­mis­sion’s be­hav­iour. The most com­mon changes are lock­ing up the torque con­ver­tor ear­lier, mak­ing it hold gears longer and mak­ing it click over into a gear ear­lier to use the full range of ra­tios through nor­mal op­er­a­tion. These remaps shouldn’t come as too much of a sur­prise ei­ther; they’re es­sen­tially what hap­pens when you kick your stock auto shifter over into sport mode and it holds gears. A good tuner will leave one of the stock maps alone so you can al­ways kick back to fac­tory set­tings if you’re con­cerned.

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