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ALL tyres come with a load-rat­ing in­dex and a speed-rat­ing in­dex. What’s im­por­tant here is that the load rat­ing has to be matched or bet­tered when re­plac­ing a tyre, while the speed rat­ing can be lower than the OEM (Orig­i­nal Equip­ment Man­u­fac­turer) tyre; al­though, re­quire­ments vary state by state. Load and speed rat­ings are also re­lated to each other, as the speed rat­ing in­di­cates the max­i­mum speed for the tyre when car­ry­ing the load in­di­cated by the load rat­ing. A typ­i­cal load rat­ing for an OEM 4x4 tyre is 110, which means it can carry up to 1060kg. A typ­i­cal speed rat­ing for an OEM 4x4 tyre is H, which is 210km/h. Speed rat­ings down to N (140km/h) are gen­er­ally per­mis­si­ble when re­plac­ing the OEM tyres.

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