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Swags are not the small­est or light­est things to carry; most de­cent swags (with mat­tress and poles) can sit around the 10-12kg mark – and roll up quite large. Black Wolf has solved that stor­age prob­lem with the Lite King swag and Su­per Deluxe self-in­flat­ing mat. The Lite King is made from poly­cot­ton/can­vas but comes sans mat­tress, al­low­ing it to be rolled up to 600mm x 200mm x 200mm and mak­ing it far eas­ier to pack. Black Wolf re­alises you need a mat­tress and the Su­per Deluxe, when in­flated, of­fers 8.8cm of com­fort. The swag of­fers ven­ti­la­tion and mea­sures 3050mm x 1500mm/1100mm x 950mm, so there’s loads of in­te­rior space. Black Wolf even of­fers a self-in­flat­ing pil­low. RRP: $300 (Lite King swag); $330 (Su­per Deluxe mat); $70 (Deluxe Self-in­flat­ing pil­low) Web­site:­

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