Be­spoke Sus­pen­sion

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BOTH Lexus LX mod­els, while shar­ing the LC200’S ba­sic chas­sis lay­out, have unique sus­pen­sion. Most ben­e­fi­cially they have vari­able height so they can be jacked-up off-road or low­ered at higher road speeds; or low­ered fur­ther for en­try and exit. The LX does this via hy­draulics – rather than air springs – us­ing a hy­draulic pump con­nected to all four dampers. As well as lift­ing and low­er­ing the LX, the dampers au­to­mat­i­cally ad­just the damp­ing force de­pend­ing on the bumpi­ness of the road within Com­fort, Nor­mal and Sport modes. The LX’S ac­tive dampers also con­trol roll and pitch, which means it doesn’t have the LC200’S ac­tive sway­bar sys­tem known as KDSS.

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