Ev­i­dent So­lu­tions is up­ping the game by in­tro­duc­ing an ap­pli­ca­tion that brings both process im­prove­ments and ef­fi­cien­cies in­side the ve­hi­cle

Hav­ing spent more than 20 years de­vel­op­ing a unique soft­ware so­lu­tion for the bus in­dus­try, Ev­i­dent So­lu­tions is up­ping the game by in­tro­duc­ing an ap­pli­ca­tion with the aim of de­liv­er­ing process im­prove­ments and ef­fi­cien­cies in­side the ve­hi­cle


Ev­i­dent So­lu­tions di­rec­tor Re­nee Haoust, whose fam­ily es­tab­lished Crown Coaches 50 years ago with a cur­rent eet size of 141 and 250 em­ploy­ees, says the sys­tem has been a long time in the mak­ing.

The Coach Man­age­ment Sys­tem (CMS) was born in 1994 when Vic Haoust met with com­puter sci­ence univer­sity stu­dent An­thony Osicka. Vic, al­ways keen to in­tro­duce new tech­nol­ogy, saw an op­por­tu­nity to au­to­mate the day-to- day op­er­a­tions of his bus com­pany.

What started off as ba­sic em­ployee li­cence track­ing slowly evolved over time and, by the late 2000s, CMS had become in­te­gral to most as­pects of the busi­ness.


Haoust, to­gether with her brother Jerome and An­thony Osicka, joined forces in 2010 with the goal to take CMS to the wider mar­ket.

The Haousts have been in­volved in the fam­ily busi­ness for years – giv­ing them an ad­van­tage over their com­peti­tors.

“We cre­ated the Ev­i­dent So­lu­tions com­pany be­cause we’re work­ing at a bus and coach com­pany our­selves and we’ve got the ex­pe­ri­ence,” Haoust says. “We know what we need, and as soon as we need it, we cus­tomise it for Crown [also a client], which gets rolled over to other clients who have bought our sys­tem.”

CMS is speci cally tai­lored for Aus­tralian in­dus­try needs and is now used by nine clients na­tion­wide.

The one-stop shop man­age­ment sys­tem helps busi­nesses op­er­ate more ef ciently and re­li­ably, pro­vid­ing a wide range of tools which can be cus­tomised to suit most lo­gis­tics op­er­a­tions. It in­te­grates with ex­ist­ing fleet track­ing and email sys­tems and pro­vides an ac­count­ing sys­tem in­ter­face to MYOB, Quick­Books and Mi­crosoft Nav­i­sion for seam­less in­voic­ing.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tions can be cus­tomised with a com­pany’s im­age and brand. Key mod­ules on of­fer in­clude: char­ter and client man­age­ment, em­ployee man­age­ment, fleet man­age­ment, school run, rout­ing and map­ping sheets, route ser­vices, self- drive, ac­count­ing sys­tem in­te­gra­tion and em­ployee time clock­ing and au­to­mated work dis­tri­bu­tion.

“The sys­tem de­liv­ers cost sav­ings by re­duc­ing time con­sumed on man­ual ad­min­is­tra­tive tasks,” Haoust adds.

Ev­i­dent So­lu­tion’s mis­sion is to de­liver in­no­va­tive, user-friendly and re­li­able soft­ware so­lu­tions to help clients im­prove ef ciency and busi­ness protabil­ity. Quite of­ten it is the lit­tle changes that make a big dif­fer­ence, such as pay­roll.

“Be­lieve me, there’s a huge amount of com­pa­nies out there that are on pen and pa­per or they’re writ­ing ev­ery sin­gle job card into an Ex­cel spread­sheet, so we can save them days of work,” Haoust says.

“We have a client who used to take three days to do their pay­roll; when they took up CMS I trained them in pay­roll and we got it down to about three hours.”


Clients are guar­an­teed sup­port by the Mel­bourne-based team when they need it, whether it is face-to-face, over the phone or re­motely via the in­ter­net.

CMS is avail­able as a core pack­age which in­cludes sin­gle de­pot al­lo­ca­tion screen, client man­age­ment, char­ter man­age­ment, and ba­sic em­ployee and

ve­hi­cle man­age­ment. Ad­di­tional mod­ules can be pur­chased and added at any time.

“Most clients start with the core small and, as they become con dent with the new way of do­ing things, they add the next mod­ule,” Haoust says.

Ev­i­dent So­lu­tion prides it­self on cus­tomi­sa­tion, say­ing it’s all about get­ting things right for the client.

“If there is a cer­tain way that they’d like to do things or have a way they’d like to re­port on some­thing or just even how they’d like to view the page that they’re on or the al­lo­ca­tion screen, we’ve cus­tomised it to suit their re­quire­ments,” Haoust says. “Everything is pos­si­ble and we’ve never said some­thing can­not be done.”


The lat­est chap­ter for CMS is the in­tro­duc­tion of CMS Mo­bile, a tablet- based app that de­liv­ers func­tion­al­ity into the hands of the bus driver and im­proves the op­er­a­tional safety of the ve­hi­cle.

Us­ing the app, driv­ers are able to com­plete elec­tronic pre-trip safety in­spec­tions that no­tify the work­shop im­me­di­ately if any de­fects are found.

While on the road, any newly dis­cov­ered de­fects can also be logged im­me­di­ately.

The app con­stantly re­ports the ve­hi­cle’s GPS lo­ca­tion. If a break­down oc­curs, an­other ve­hi­cle can be dis­patched to the break­down’s cur­rent lo­ca­tion and be guided there by the tablet.

The driver also re­ceives their work real-time on the app, with any last-minute changes com­mu­ni­cated seam­lessly.

The driver can use the tablet to guide them to their next des­ti­na­tion, avoid­ing traf c con­ges­tion where pos­si­ble to get them there on time.

“We have just started this mo­bile app jour­ney; we in­tend to keep adding more use­ful func­tion­al­ity over time,” Haoust says.

We have just started this mo­bile app jour­ney; we in­tend to keep adding more use­ful func­tion­al­ity over time

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