Bul­beck’s sup­pres­sion sys­tems your first de­fence against fire

Op­er­a­tors can protect their ve­hi­cles against fire haz­ard by in­stalling ap­pro­pri­ate sup­pres­sion sys­tems

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IN AUS­TRALIA’S HARSH, dry cli­mate and often un­pre­dictable con­di­tions, it is es­sen­tial that buses and coaches are equipped with a suit­able fi re sup­pres­sion sys­tem. De­spite this, many buses on our roads still do not have an ad­e­quate fire pro­tec­tion sys­tem.

You can pre­vent this haz­ard to pub­lic safety and your prop­erty by in­stalling ap­pro­pri­ate bus fi re sup­pres­sion sys­tems on your ve­hi­cle. They are your first de­fence against fire.

At Bul­beck Fire, we choose to sup­ply Com­pact Line fi re sup­pres­sion sys­tems to protect the en­gine com­part­ment of buses and coaches.

How the Com­pact Line sys­tem works

The Com­pact Line sys­tem uses a pro­pri­etary lin­ear sen­sor tube to re­li­ably and ac­cu­rately de­tect fire in its early stages and au­to­mat­i­cally ini­ti­ate re­lease of the ex­tin­guish­ing agent.

Upon de­tec­tion of fire, the heat of the fl ames will cause the pres­surised sen­sor tube to burst at the hottest lo­ca­tion (ap­prox. 110°C). The sud­den tube de­pres­suri­sa­tion ac­tu­ates the special pres­sure dif­fer­en­tial valve and in­stantly fl oods the en­tire en­gine com­part­ment with ex­tin­guish­ing agent.

The fire is quickly sup­pressed just mo­ments af­ter it be­gan, min­imis­ing dam­age and down­time.

Ben­e­fits of the Com­pact Line sys­tem

• SP cer­ti­fied ac­cord­ing to SPCR 183 / SP METHOD 4912 • Cer­ti­fied to AS5062 • Out­stand­ing ex­tin­guish­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties • Non-toxic and eco-friendly ex­tin­guish­ing agent • Easy in­stal­la­tion and low main­te­nance • 100 per­cent au­to­matic sup­pres­sion of fi re • Flex­i­ble, space ef­fi­cient, and cost ef­fec­tive

What makes Com­pact Line dif­fer­ent?

Quick and easy in­stal­la­tion: The sen­sor tub­ing and dis­charge sub­sys­tem are eas­ily in­stalled di­rectly above and around the en­gine, and the cylin­der can be mounted any­where out­side the pro­tec­tion zone.

Patented dual-cham­ber cylin­der: The rev­o­lu­tion­ary dual-cham­ber de­sign of the Com­pact Line cylin­der al­lows bet­ter re­sis­tance to with­stand shock and vi­bra­tion, ver­ti­cal or hor­i­zon­tal mount­ing, and su­pe­rior safety and leak pro­tec­tion.

Con­stant dis­charge: The special pres­sure dif­fer­en­tial valve on the dual cham­ber cylin­der in­cor­po­rates a builtin pres­sure reg­u­la­tor to en­sure a con­stant and sus­tained dis­charge of the ex­tin­guish­ing agent, help­ing to pre­vent reig­ni­tion. Tested and cer­ti­fied: Our Com­pact Line sys­tem is tested and cer­ti­fied to SP METHOD 4912 / SPCR 183 and com­plies with AS 5062 to pro­vide you assurance of its suit­abil­ity for the ap­pli­ca­tion.

You can pre­vent this haz­ard to pub­lic safety and your prop­erty by in­stalling ap­pro­pri­ate bus fire sup­pres­sion sys­tems on your ve­hi­cle

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