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Al­bany Ta­ble Ten­nis Club

At the West Coast Open Ta­ble Ten­nis Cham­pi­onships in Perth a fort­night ago, Al­bany’s Mia Zou has again been the out­stand­ing player win­ning the ladies sin­gles and dou­bles as well as the mixed dou­bles. In the sin­gles fi­nal she de­feated Holly Ni­co­las 4-1, in the ladies dou­bles fi­nal with Am­ber Ku they de­feated Jacque­line Bu­di­arto and Ni­cole Low 3-0 and in the mixed dou­bles fi­nal with partner James Lim they de­feated Ni­co­las and Craig Camp­bell 3-1. She has now been se­lected in the State se­nior ladies team to com­pete in the Aus­tralian Cham­pi­onships to be held in South Aus­tralia in Septem­ber.

2017 Club Hand­i­cap Points: Ladies: Rosa Larosa 61, Merle Fitz­patrick 26. Men: Peter Muller 101, Al­lan Mil­lar 66, Daniel Bell 63, Wilf Pinchen 53, Peter Green 51, Den­nis Tran­ter 44, Kevin McCre­ton 40, Mitchell Pax­man 39, Tyler Buchanan 34, Danny Sm­rodel 33, Ed­ward Archer 32, Bradley John­ston 23, Tim Fialkowski 20, Steve Tu­pluk 20, Richard Soun­ness 19, Bren­dan Abra­hams 16, Ge­off Walsh 13, Travis Mar­shall 11, Jake Fer­rell 10, Dai­mon Rodger 10, Wil­liam Emery 7, Har­ri­son Grimshaw 7, Frank Mor­ri­son 7, Vod Dzialosz 5, Greg Van­der­sanden 5, Ricky Weight 3, An­drew Woods 2, Ja­cob Rose 2, Colin Arnold 2, An­toine Devin 2, Robin Godfrey 1, Dy­lan Jones 1, Vivek Bhat 1. All en­quires to Peter on 98421819.

Al­bany Golf Club

Au­gust 16: Wed­nes­day Scroungers (Elders In­sur­ance Al­bany) Sta­ble­ford: Net: I Skalko 35, D Jones 33, C Haven 31, A Fa­solo 30, D Bryson 29, J Pit­man, J Pa­lan­dri, G Stocks, J Wheeler 28. Gross: G Stocks 25.

Women –Club Four­somes Cham­pi­onship: Gross — P Ru­oss & W Fer­gu­son 88, Net — W Ste­wart & M Skin­ner 78.5, L Moir & R Bungey 79, J Bar­ret & M Cum­mins 80. 9 Holes: J Austin 14.

Lower Great South­ern Hockey As­so­ci­a­tion

Men's A-grade: North Al­bany 0 drew Spencer Park 0, BP: no votes given. Many­peaks 3 def Tigers 2, GS: MP: D Pyle 2 R Scott TIG: H Keymer M Doak BP: MP: T Pyle R Scott H Field TIG: B Stevens H Keymer M Doak.

Women's A-Grade: Many­peaks 3 def Tigers 1, GS: MP: G Pyle M Slat­tery M Scade TIG: C Fage BP: MP: M Scade R Par­sons C Ed­wards TIG: C Fage G Powis J Keymer. North Al­bany 1 drew Spencer Park 1, GS: NA: T Gouldthorp SP: C Wester­berg BP: NA: S McDon­ald T Gouldthorp T Mene­gola SP: C Wester­berg E Thomp­son C Grow­den.

Men's B-Grade: North Al­bany 3 def Mt Barker Red 2, GS: MB:P Gil­lett D Wright NA: S Koster R Mar­shall D Schoof BP: MBR: D Woods P Gil­lett L Hortin NA: D Moore R Mar­shall D Schoof. Spencer Park Vets 1 def Spencer Park 0, BP: SP: B Van den Bogert D Simp­son A Jones SPV: B Pratt Mitch D Tamou. Mt Barker Green 3 def Vik­ings 2, BP: VIK: J McLen­nan A Han­nig M An­der­son MBG: P Van Zyl G Sandi­lands D Martin.

Women's B-grade: Spencer Park I 1 def North Al­bany 0, GS: N Bell BP: SPI: C Let­ter D Wil­liamson J Want NA: J Stevens C Lud­low K Fletcher. Mount Barker Green 0 drew Vik­ings 0, BP: MBG: D Ritchie N Fish C Pyle VIK: T Joy V Joy F Terp­stra. Spencer Park II 3 def Vik­ings Vix­ens 0 – FOR­FEIT. GSG 3 def Mt Barker Red 1, GS: MB: A Sandi­lands GSG: S Turner A Fer­reira K Smart BP: MB: A Sandi­lands L Righton E Sandi­lands GSG: S Turner J Hounsfield J Marsh.

Boys un­der-18: Might Ducks 3 def Mt Barker 2, GS: MB: B MacMa­hon 2 MD: S Macau­lay C Fage S Want. ASHS 7 def Vik­ings 0, GS: H Keymer 3 M O'Neill 3 J McLen­nan BP: ASHS: H Keymer J McLen­nan M O'Neill VIK: B Doak P Coet­zee H Marsh.

Girls un­der-18: GSG Red 9 def Mt Barker 1, GS: MB: G Black GSGR: B Weaver 5 T Gouldthorp 3 A Smith 1 BP: MB: G Black E Perkins L Ridgemwell GSGR: A Smith B Weaver T Gouldthorp. North Al­bany 1 def GSG Blue 0, GS: C Fage BP: GSGB: C Cronje M Bath­gate S Hearle NA: S McDon­ald J Keymer C Fage. 9/10 Girls: GSG Red 2 def North Al­bany 1, GS: GSGR: T Gouldthorp N Knight NA: K Fer­rell BP: GSGR: T Gouldthorp G Wells Z Knight NA: K Fer­rell M Hud­son H Hartwig. GSG Blue 3 def Vik­ings 1, GS: GSGB: S Hath­away I Plow­man I Fa­solo VIK: C Hartley BP: GSGR: S Hearle J Hounsfield S Ball VIK: C Ed­wards L McEwan C Hartley.

9/10 Boys: Vik­ings I 1 drew GSG Red 1, GS: VI: B Pratt H Wilkes H Mills GSGR: T Bar­rett 3 BP: VI: B Doak B Pratt H Mills GSGR: T Bar­rett B Plow­man M Dolan. GSG Blue 5 def Vik­ings II 0, GS: GSGB: T Po­cock R Winyrad M Perry J Pearce L Bradshaw BP: GSGB: S Want J Plow­man L Bradshaw VIK: M O'Neill P Coet­zee S Cre­masco.

7/8 Boys: GSG Red 6 def Mt Barker 3, GS: MB: F Sandi­lands A Sandi­lands GSGR: M Perry 3 R Wil­liams-Jol­ley 2 H McFar­land BP: MB: A Sandi­lands F Sandi­lands M Mur­phy GSGR: T Man­son R Wil­liamsJol­ley H Camp­bell. Vik­ings 3 def GSG Blue 2, GS: VIK: D Wood F Span­gen­berg J Dou­glas GSGB: Q Robin­son 2 BP: VIK: O Ston­ery D Will­cocks M Fran­cis GSGB: E Wes­ley B Plow­man Q Robin­son. 7/8 Girls: GSG Red 5 def GSG White 2, GS: GSGR: T Joy 2 A Sandi­lands S Hath­away I Plow­man GSGW: L Swart E An­der­son BP: GSGR: A Sandi­lands I Plow­man S Hath­away GSGW: J Hounsfield C Ball S Raven­hill-Den­nis. GSG Blue 4 def Vik­ings 2, GS: VIK: A Lil­ley­man 2 GSGB: M Wise­would C Franklin A O'Neill T Cun­ning­ham BP: VIK: A Koster A Jones A Lil­ley­man GSGB: A O'Neill A Kuiper J Marsh. Mixed 5/6: Vik­ings 4 def Mt Barker 2, GS: MB: J Mark M Cousins VIK: E Kid­dle 2 S Gra­ham R Lowry. Vik­ings 6 def Mt Barker 3, GS: MB: P Whiel 2 S Ir­win VIK: T Baker 3 M Hath­away S Gra­ham A Bris­tow BP: MB: P Whiel B Ir­win O Bush VIK: J Mills T Baker M Hath­away. GSG 11 def Lock­yer/Spencer Park 1, GS: GSG: F Sandi­lands 4 S Eas­tough 2 L Spinks 2 D Baker P Wil­son C Hud­son LSP: B Hen­der­son BP: GSG: O Hig­gins S Eas­tough A Gouldthorp LSP: B Hen­der­son C Davies A Gor­don. Mixed 3/4: Mt Barker Yel­low 2 def Bethel Vik­ings 0, GS: J Righton P Righton BP: MBY: R Bed­ford J Righton T Rut­ter BV: T Shaw J Koorts J Ham­minga. Flin­ders 3 def GSG 2, GS: FLI: S Gor­don C Whit­fort D Burger GSG: C Fer­reira A Soun­ness BP: FLI: C Whit­fort D Burger S GOr­don GSG: A Soun­ness C Fer­reira T Plow­man.

Narpanup Golf Club

Au­gust 20: Men's Open Day — 4BBB Sta­ble­ford (Coupers Bull­doz­ing, Elders Mt Barker, WA Coun­try Builders) Net: Mike Grist­wood & Paddy Hen­der­son (Narpanup) 46: Kevin Wil­liams & Ja­son Nor­ton (Den­mark) 45: Steve Wor­num & Wayne Den­nis (Cran­brook) 43 Gross: Mike Flavel & Rod Bas­sett (Riverview) 29, Best 1 to 9: Steve Broad & Alan Ebert (Riverview) 22, Best 10 to 18: Neville Gib­bons & Ron Hip­per 23, NTP #8 Dave Math­win (Broome­hill), NTP #15 Brad Mitchell (Mt Barker), NTP #16 David Carey (Ko­jonup), Best 2nd #2 Ian Davies (Mt Barker), Best 2nd #5 Kevin Wil­liams (Den­mark), Best 3rd #7 Alan Ebert (Riverview), Best 3rd #11 Rob Simp­son (Al­bany), Best 3rd #12 Mike Flavel (Riverview). Long drive #3 (16-24) Jeremy Groves (Ken­de­nup), Long drive #6 (25-36) Paddy Hen­der­son (Narpanup). Long drive #18 (015) Mike Flavel (Riverview). Near­est marker #14 Dwayne Sobey (Mt Barker), Near­est marker #17 Rus­sell Cross (Riverview). Long­est last shot #9 Dwayne Sobey (Mt Barker).

Grove Park Golf Club

Au­gust 17: Men scroungers Sta­ble­ford: Win­ner: Terry Reader (41 points), run­ner-up: Ted Kata (38). Good scores: S Smith, G Hig­gins, B Jones, A Tonkin, N Simmonds, M Ch­ester, D Fletcher. Near­est the pins: T Reader, J Cordery. Long­est putt: D Fletcher. Au­gust 21: Par Plus: Win­ner: Terry Bridge (+3) count­back, run­ner-up: Arthur Tonkin, G Hig­gins (+3). Good scores: L Smith, T Thomp­son, M Ch­ester, M Sa­sic, B Wych, N Bungey, S Smith, D Fletcher, Near­est the Pins: S Smith, J Cordery. Long­est putt: M An­der­son, N Bungey.

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