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12 NEWS albanyadve­ Friday, July 10, 2020 Kitchen shares its crisis story SHANNON SMITH As a major stop on Albany Highway in the Great Southern, Kojonup businesses receive much of their business from traffic travelling through the town. Kojonup Country Kitchen owner Peta Zadow noticed first-hand the importance of the highway when traffic disappeare­d during the COVID-19 intrastate border closures. Ms Zadow addressed the Shire of Kojonup council at its June meeting to give her account of the impact of the pandemic, the crucial support of locals and the value of through traffic. Compared to the same time last year, the cafe had a decrease in revenue of about 35 per cent in March, 65 per cent in April, when the borders where shut, and 27 per cent in May when they reopened during the month. Remarkably, the restaurant had a 16 per cent increase for June compared to the same month last year. She said that number reflected what the highway does for the town. “It was quite clear, and I know there would be other businesses in town that would have the same informatio­n,” she said. “We have always been supported well by locals but I’ve always thought that without the road we would be stuffed and this made it really obvious. “There was definitely that backlog of people that come through and now I think that there are a lot of people that can’t go anywhere else and down south is close. “During the shutdown, the local support was really humbling, with people going out of their way to give us business.” She said the region had an opportunit­y to showcase how great its towns and businesses were with a lot of people visiting the Great Southern for holidays. “They will hopefully discover it’s really nice here and you get good food and don’t need to go overseas to do all that stuff,” she said. She said the Federal Government’s JobKeeper program had been a saving grace for struggling businesses. Three of her staff qualified for JobKeeper and some received JobSeeker. The business stayed open for takeaways during the restrictio­ns — a decision she made to keep some normality in the town. “I can’t believe how quick they got JobKeeper going and without it we probably would have been shut the whole time,” she said. “It really did make a difference to us and it needed to be done at that time.” Al Kuwait consignmen­t reaches Middle East port in good nick Please note all features start at advertised time. oranacinem­ 9842 2210 Contact Like us on Facebook oranaalban­y SESSION TIMES CLOSED MONDAYS 9TH - 15TH JULY 2020 JENNE BRAMMER AND CALLY DUPE David Copperfiel­d The Grudge Star Wars ALL MOVIES $5 THU FRI SAT SUN TUE/WED 1:20PM 1:20PM 6:00PM 3:15PM 6:00PM 3:10PM 1:20PM SAT THU FRI SAT TUE/WED 3.00PM 2:30PM 8:10PM 8:20PM 2:30PM The Al Kuwait live-sheep carrier — which had crew members test positive for COVID-19 after arriving in WA in May — reached Shuwaikh port in Kuwait last Thursday with a healthy consignmen­t of animals. The arrival brings to a close an eventful five weeks that started when 20 of the ship’s 48 crew tested positive for the virus after arriving at Fremantle just a week before the 31⁄2-month northern hemisphere summer live export shipping ban started on June 1. The results are yet to be officially verified but the exporter reported the sheep were in good health. During the voyage, 28 of the 33,341 sheep died — equivalent to 0.06 per cent — which is below prediction­s for this time of year. Exporters must report deaths to the Department of Agricultur­e, Water and the Environmen­t if the death rate reaches one per cent or above. Sonic the Hedgehog The Invisible Man Dolittle Dark Waters THU FRI TUE/WED 1:30PM 1:30PM 1:30PM THU FRI SAT SUN TUE/WED SAT SUN 6:00PM 3:00PM 11:00AM 11:00AM 1:00PM 1:00PM 11:00AM FRI SAT 8:15PM 8:15PM Frozen II Bad Boys Spies in Disguise Call of the Wild THU FRI TUE/WED FRI SAT 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 8:10PM 8:20PM THU FRI SAT SUN TUE/WED FRI SAT SUN 6:00PM 6:00PM 3:00PM 1:30PM 1:30PM, 6:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:30PM FARMAGEDDO­N The Way Back H is for Happiness JoJo Rabbit Mortalitie­s on Al Kuwait were attributed to various causes such as pneumonia and injuries, and five were documented as unknown by the veterinari­an. They were not attributed to the voyage or environmen­tal conditions, but six deaths occurred during the first four days of the voyage. In a statement, Rural Exports and Trading WA said it believed excessive handling had led to an increase in the number of animals requiring veterinary treatment early in the voyage. Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading chief executive Osama Boodai said the voyage had provided “essential food security” to customers in Kuwait. THU FRI SAT SUN TUE/WED 11:00AM 11:00AM 1:00PM 1:00PM 11:00AM FRI SAT FRI SAT SUN SAT 8:20PM 8:15PM 6:00PM 3:15PM 3:15PM 3:15PM SamSam Bombshell Big Trip ALL MOVIES $5 THU FRI SAT SUN TUE/WED SAT THU FRI TUE/WED 6:00PM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 12:50PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 12:50PM

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