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What are you do­ing right now?

I am a year 12 stu­dent at Mount Beauty Se­condary Col­lege.

I’m study­ing maths, English, psy­chol­ogy, phys­i­cal ed­u­ca­tion and busi­ness man­age­ment.

I’m aim­ing to be­come a youth worker so I can help trou­bled kids – kids with dif­fi­cult lives.

At one point in my life I was go­ing through a dif­fi­cult time and I didn’t think there was any­one there for me. I want to be there for other kids.

How do you come to be in the Kiewa Val­ley?

We came here about five years ago when I was 12 and my sis­ter was 15.

I was born in a town called Lan­der, Wy­oming, in the United States and I grew up on the Wind River Reser­va­tion.

My fa­ther is a North­ern Ara­paho Na­tive Amer­i­can and my mother is Aus­tralian.

My mum was in the US to do bronc rid­ing in rodeos and she met Aninn at a pow­wow – that’s a sort of singing and danc­ing fun time.

They got mar­ried and my sis­ter and I grew up on the reser­va­tion.

It was pretty much a third world coun­try there.

The scenery is beau­ti­ful, but there was a lot of crime, vi­o­lence and drug use.

Af­ter 20 years my mum had had enough and wanted us to be in touch with our Aus­tralian roots, so we came over here.

Mum knew Cath Baird at Bo­gong Horse­back Ad­ven­tures, so we came up here for a hol­i­day and liked it and de­cided to stay.

My dad went back to the US three years ago.

Does your Na­tive Amer­i­can cul­ture still in­flu­ence you?

Yes, pretty strongly. I’m still in touch with my roots.

I prac­tise my singing and danc­ing, and I like to prac­tise my lan­guage, though it’s pretty hard at the mo­ment with all my study.

I prac­tise with my mother. She learned the lan­guage re­ally well, as well as a lot about North­ern Ara­paho cul­ture while she was liv­ing on the reser­va­tion.

I also have an app that helps with my vo­cab­u­lary. My cul­ture has taught me a lot. It has given me a sense of iden­tity, and my aim is to go back and help the trou­bled kids back there.

My cul­ture teaches re­spect for an­i­mals and women and older peo­ple.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m not very in­ter­ested in most sports, but I en­joy learn­ing mar­tial arts – taek­wondo and muay thai and other types.

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