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In­frared cam­eras are use­ful while shoot­ing in re­ally dark con­di­tions, but the re­sult­ing videos are usu­ally more creepy than vis­ually im­pres­sive. The Canon ME20F-SH is a high-ISO shooter that can cap­ture crys­tal-clear im­ages in near pitch-black con­di­tions. Billed as the com­pany’s first ul­tra­high-sen­si­tiv­ity multi-pur­pose cam­era, the ME20F-SH uses a full-frame, 35mm CMOS sen­sor with mas­sive pho­to­sites, en­abling it to record qual­ity HD video (lit­tle to no noise, ac­cu­rate colours) in set­tings with il­lu­mi­na­tion as low as 0.0005 lux — about the same level as an over­cast night.

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