SteelSeries Ri­val 700

$150 | WWW.STEELSERIES.COM Near mous­ing per­fec­tion in a non­am­bidex­trous form fac­tor.

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With high-dpi op­ti­cal sen­sors now per­fected, RGB light­ing mastered and a plethora of mice in a va­ri­ety of shapes, sizes and but­ton lay­outs, it’s hard to imag­ine where the pointy ro­dent will go next. Well, that’s what we thought, un­til the Ri­val 700 ar­rived in the labs.

The choice of ca­ble rests with the con­sumer. You get a 2m-long braided ca­ble, a 1m-long plas­tic-coated ca­ble, plus a shorter 90cm-long plas­tic-coated ca­ble. On top of that, you can also swap out the cover on the rear belly of the mouse to ei­ther a glossy black or an anti-sweat soft-touch vari­ant in­stead.

By de­fault, the Ri­val 700 comes with an op­ti­cal PixArt 3360, pump­ing out a whop­ping 16,000dpi if needed, with zero hard­ware ac­cel­er­a­tion. How­ever, if op­ti­cal isn’t your jam, you can grab your­self the PixArt 9800 laser mod­ule, un­screw the case and place your new sen­sor in­side.

You can’t quite seen the OLED screen above, but it en­ables you to slap any num­ber of small GIFs or im­ages on the side of the mouse, along­side in-game no­ti­fi­ca­tions. There’s also the in­clu­sion of rum­ble feed­back — you can as­sign tac­tile feed­back to any of the seven but­tons. The vi­bra­tions are ex­ceed­ingly pre­cise, and don’t cause any jit­ter in your mouse po­si­tion­ing.

All in all, the SteelSeries Ri­val 700 is a well-tuned, cus­tomis­able gam­ing mouse at the pin­na­cle of its field, de­signed to in­cor­po­rate ab­so­lutely ev­ery­thing in to­day’s gam­ing mouse mar­ket. It does cost $150, which is a lot for a pix­el­pointer, but it’s well worth it in our eyes.


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