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Re­cov­er­ing files is our aim here, but all of this can be avoided with a sen­si­ble com­put­ing regime. If you care about your data, build in a backup rou­tine. The pre­vail­ing wis­dom states that you should fol­low the rule of three (three copies of your data, stored on at least two kinds of me­dia, at least one of which is kept off­site), and it makes sense to get as close to this as you can. Start du­pli­cat­ing your crit­i­cal files to a cloud backup ser­vice such as CrashPlan, and us­ing ex­ter­nal me­dia to keep sec­ondary copies of the most im­por­tant items. Copy­ing them to an­other par­ti­tion on the same drive — or an­other phys­i­cal drive in the same ma­chine — is not ad­e­quate. Move your backup away from your main ma­chine — to a dif­fer­ent floor of your house, per­haps, or even off-site. If you’re hit by a flood or a fire, your in­sur­ance might buy you a new PC, but it won’t cover your files.

An au­to­mated process is best — again, some­thing that CrashPlan and its ilk of­fer — be­cause it pulls vi­tal files when you’re not us­ing your ma­chine, en­sur­ing they’re du­pli­cated when dis­as­ter strikes. If you don’t want to pay for a sub­scrip­tion, it’s plau­si­ble to back up small pock­ets of files on free ser­vices such as Google Drive or Mi­crosoft’s OneDrive, but un­less you’re or­gan­ised with your lo­cal and mir­rored fold­ers, you’re one step away from a for­get­ful ac­ci­dent. If you want to take it fur­ther and cus­tomise your own backup so­lu­tion, check out Linux app rsync (, which has a Win­dows wrap­per in the form of DeltaCopy ( www.about­ AboutMyXApp/DeltaCopy.jsp) — you won’t find a more ver­sa­tile app when it comes to cloning data.

DeltaCopy makes sched­ul­ing back­ups quick and easy.

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