Run Win­dows apps in a sand­box

Don’t want an app to ac­cess the rest of your sys­tem? Run it in a sand­box, in­stead. Matt Han­son ex­plains how.

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When down­load­ing files from the in­ter­net, there’s al­ways the risk that you may down­load a pro­gram that’s ac­tu­ally a virus. Some­times, even down­load­ing a safe file comes with ad­di­tional soft­ware you didn’t ask for, which in­stalls it­self and plays havoc with your sys­tem — chang­ing de­fault set­tings or switch­ing the home page of your web browser, for ex­am­ple. To en­sure these apps don’t dam­age your sys­tem, you can run them in what is known as a sand­box. This runs them sep­a­rately from the rest of Win­dows, which means the pro­gram won’t ac­cess im­por­tant files and make changes. Run­ning a pro­gram in a sand­box is quite ad­vanced, but the Sand­boxie app makes it easy.

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