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PER­CENT­AGE OF WIN­DOWS MAL­WARE THAT’S RAN­SOMWARE De­spite all the at­ten­tion that ran­somware has been get­ting in re­cent months, not to men­tion the ap­par­ent chaos that it’s caused around the globe, a study by an­tivirus test­ing group AV-Test has found that this type of threat only ac­counts for 0.97% of all Win­dows-based mal­ware. Tro­jans, worms and viruses in gen­eral made up the vast ma­jor­ity, with 23.74%, 25.44% and 37.60%, re­spec­tively. This study only looked at ma­li­cious pro­grams from 2016, but even if that ran­somware fig­ure triples in 2017, it will still be rel­a­tively rare.

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