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For years, all hard drives and SSDs have sup­ported SMART (self-mon­i­tor­ing, anal­y­sis and re­port­ing tech­nol­ogy), which alerts you to a dy­ing hard drive be­fore it’s too late to trans­fer your data.

Linux has al­ways sup­ported SMART, but there’s of­ten been un­cer­tainty in how you’d re­ceive such alerts when the drive was about to fail. Pre­vi­ously, you could use com­mands such as

smartctl or smartd from the Smart­mon­tools pack­age, or you can go with the gor­geous Gnome Disks ap­pli­ca­tion, which of­fers a snazzy GUI for Smartctl.

How­ever, if you don’t use Gnome but still want to ac­cess Smartctl via an in­ter­face, con­sider GS­mart­con­trol. This is a stand­alone ap­pli­ca­tion that’s been re­cently ported to GTK3 and is avail­able for Linux, Win­dows and Mac OS.

GS­mart­con­trol is per­fect for non tech-savvy users who know enough com­put­ing ba­sics to want their disk drives to re­main in good shape. The ap­pli­ca­tion dis­plays the icons of all the phys­i­cal drives in your sys­tem, much like in a file man­ager. You can quickly find out the ex­act model num­ber of each de­vice and see if it’s passed the ba­sic health check. Sim­ply dou­ble-click an icon to open a win­dow con­tain­ing all the de­tails that Smartctl usu­ally prints in the Ter­mi­nal.

GS­mart­con­trol di­vides ev­ery­thing into six tabs and en­ables you to ex­plore what fea­tures your drive has, view er­ror logs, dis­play the drive’s life­time in hours and more. One of the tab en­ables you to man­u­ally run some tests on a spe­cific drive. You can choose ei­ther a short, ex­tended or con­veyance self-test and see if your drive’s re­ally matches up to what the pro­gram is say­ing.

We loved GS­mart­con­trol for its use­ful­ness and com­pact size that en­ables you to use it on a cus­tom min­i­mal­is­tic desk­top, with­out pulling many un­de­sired de­pen­den­cies. The de­vel­oper pro­vides many pack­ages for all ma­jor Linux dis­tros, so for most read­ers in­stalling GS­mart­con­trol is just a few mouse clicks away.

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