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The key sell­ing point of the DS416s­lim from Synol­ogy is right there in the ti­tle. The case of the NAS is just big enough to hold the drives, a small 6cm x 6cm fan, and the moth­er­board — and not much more. It’s about as neat as a four-bay NAS can get, and the drives slide right into the back of the NAS giv­ing it a clean look up front.

In or­der to stay cool, quiet and com­pact, it uses a low­power ARM pro­ces­sor to drive the NAS. It clocks in at just 1GHz, ac­com­pa­nied by only 512MB of mem­ory. In terms of ports, there are just two USB ports — though it does fea­ture twin Eth­er­net ports.

Not that you’re likely to get much use out of the twin LAN. The low-end pro­ces­sor strug­gled with the Synol­ogy Hy­brid RAID (a ver­sion of RAID 5) and the write speed was well be­low av­er­age. It wasn’t ter­ri­ble, and it had no trou­ble streaming me­dia, but it couldn’t com­pete with the other NASes here.

It runs Synol­ogy Disks­ta­tion Man­ager, a pow­er­ful OS that it a con­tender for the best in the business now. Like QNAP and Asus­tor’s op­er­at­ing sys­tems, it presents as a full vir­tual desk­top, win­dows and tabs and all. Hun­dreds of first and third-party apps are avail­able, and the suite of first-party tools for me­dia shar­ing, backup and sync and re­mote ac­cess are first class. It even has a web­based of­fice suite avail­able.

Of course, given the light spec­i­fi­ca­tions, you couldn’t ask it to run too much. In fact, we prob­a­bly wouldn’t ask it for much more than file ser­vices. But if that’s all you want, this is a low-cost, at­trac­tive lit­tle NAS that does the ba­sics well.

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