Sonic Ma­nia

The holy trin­ity — Sonic, Tails and Knuck­les — are back in the blue hedge­hog’s best in 20 years. PC, PS4, XO, SWITCH FROM $26.95 WWW.SEGA.COM

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One look at those screen­shots and you’ll think you’ve gone back to 1994. Sonic Ma­nia is a firm re­turn to the hal­cyon days when a new Sonic The Hedge­hog game was guar­an­teed to be fast, fun and all about plat­form­ing. It’s al­most as if the last 20-some­thing years of tor­tur­ous 3D games with Big The Cat and fish­ing never hap­pened.

This re­ally is the best bits of Sonic 3 and Sonic 2, the games you re­mem­ber, but re­made and remixed. The only concession to mod­ern tech (de­pend­ing on your hard­ware) is that it runs in 1080p, 60 frames per sec­ond, and Sonic and chums have more frames of an­i­ma­tion giv­ing them more stick­ing power on those giddy loop-the-loops. Lev­els are a hit-list of favourites, from the fast and rolling Green Hills Zone to the more tech­ni­cal Fly­ing Bat­tery with a few new locations thrown in be­tween. Re­mark­ably, Sonic Ma­nia man­ages to ap­peal to any­one feel­ing nos­tal­gic, and any­one who’s only ever seen the blue blur’s ti­tles in the bar­gain bin. Paul Taylor

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