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Win­dow man­age­ment is some­thing of a holy grail on the Mac. The op­er­at­ing sys­tem in­cludes Spa­ces for or­gan­is­ing win­dows across mul­ti­ple desk­tops, but the fea­ture lacks gran­u­lar con­trol. Switchem takes a dif­fer­ent tack: it lets you set up mul­ti­ple grouped app workspaces for dif­fer­ent tasks and flip be­tween them us­ing a mech­a­nism sim­i­lar to macOS’s built-in app switcher. Once you’ve or­gan­ised all your task-re­lated app win­dows, sim­ply cre­ate a new group, give it a name and Switchem as­signs a num­ber to the workspace. You can then switch to it at any time us­ing a ‘Com­mand-Tab-[num­ber]’ short­cut, which brings all apps to the front in their orig­i­nal po­si­tions.

The so­lu­tion works well on sin­gle desk­tops, while ad­di­tional handy short­cuts make open­ing and clos­ing all apps within a group a cinch. It’s just a shame Switchem doesn’t sup­port full-screen apps — also des­ig­nated Spa­ces by macOS — across mul­ti­ple dis­plays, although the de­vel­oper has promised com­pat­i­bil­ity in a fu­ture up­date.

It’s good for defin­ing mul­ti­ple workspaces on a sin­gle desk­top.

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