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This app is aimed at chil­dren, yes, but the mes­sages it con­veys are in­valu­able to big kids, too, like you and me. Each day, the app fea­tures a video that aims to teach you some­thing — such as, what is an eclipse, how should we act on­line, how do com­passes work, what is in­for­ma­tion pri­vacy, how to deal with bul­ly­ing, learn­ing about con­ti­nents, how to make friends, how to pre­pare for school ex­ams and even some his­tory top­ics. Each video is a colour­ful car­toon, fea­tur­ing friendly char­ac­ters (or not so friendly, in the case of the bul­ly­ing and slav­ery videos...) but, above all, im­por­tant mes­sages to take away. To­day’s video was about goals and the ways in which you can achieve them. In­stead of sim­ply preach­ing ‘this is what you should do in or­der to achieve suc­cess’, the video pre­sen­ter gave your hum­ble re­viewer a few dif­fer­ent op­tions, ex­plain­ing that cer­tain things work bet­ter for some peo­ple, but not all, and that if one thing doesn’t work, it’s OK to try an­other route to your goal. Af­ter each video, you can watch it again or be quizzed on what you re­mem­ber. If you log in, you can save videos and com­pare your scores with friends, as well as play ed­u­ca­tional games, try your hand at some sci­ence, English or maths ac­tiv­i­ties (or ‘math’, since this is a US-made app). As an arm of the ex­ten­sive on­line hub, it does pretty well to not ap­pear too clut­tered in de­sign and us­abil­ity — but there is a lot of con­tent to be had here. It also has a lot of con­tent for teach­ers, too, in­clud­ing les­son plans.

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