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The sub­ti­tle given to Datally — a “mo­bile datasav­ing & Wi-Fi app by Google” — is about as close as you’ll get to a spoiler in the world of util­ity apps. By track­ing the daily data us­age of each of your apps, Datally gives you a sim­ple and in­for­ma­tive break­down of your mo­bile data us­age through­out the day, week or month. It’s an in­tu­itive way to dis­cover that, for in­stance, your high­est data us­age on a week­day is around lunchtime, and Spotify seems to be the main cul­prit. To rec­tify this, you can turn on Data Saver, which blocks any app from us­ing mo­bile data in the back­ground when not on Wi-Fi. Nat­u­rally, you can man­age which apps are af­fected by this with tog­gle switches, and when ac­tively us­ing one of these blocked apps away from Wi-Fi, a small bub­ble will pop up show­ing how much mo­bile data it has used in your cur­rent ses­sion. There’s a neat extra fea­ture that lists any nearby pub­lic Wi-Fi points as well, with a short­cut that opens up Google Maps di­rec­tions for each.

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