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Here comes an­other one, just like the other one.

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By now, you’ve prob­a­bly no­ticed a theme. All Z370 motherboards around the $260 mark are pretty much iden­ti­cal. And the MSI Z370 SLI Plus is no ex­cep­tion. It’s in­ter­est­ing that MSI has stuck ‘SLI’ in the prod­uct name, as Nvidia is no longer pro­mot­ing SLI. We’re guess­ing MSI’s mar­ket­ing team is sim­ply lev­er­ag­ing the per­cep­tion that SLI is faster.

Once again, we see lots of RGB light­ing in the form of MSI’s ‘Mys­tic’ sys­tem, which can be pro­grammed via the easy-to-use desk­top soft­ware. The lay­out of the board is iden­ti­cal to most of the oth­ers, with three x16 and three x1. Once more, we see twin M.2 slots, but there are no heat­shields this time around, a sur­pris­ing omis­sion. Also, only one of these can han­dle the 2,280mm M.2 drive, with the other slot be­ing shorter. Six SATA 3 slots is also stan­dard, along with the ALC 1220 au­dio codec. Same old, same old... As for in­puts, we have a sin­gle Gen 2 Type-A USB, sin­gle Gen 2 Type-C and four Gen 1 Type USB ports. There’s also DVI-I, HDMI, a sin­gle Gi­ga­bit Eth­er­net and a quaint PS/2 in­put for older key­boards and mice.

It’s re­ally hard to dif­fer­en­ti­ate in the moth­er­board mar­ket when all of the com­pa­nies are tar­get­ing the same price point, and this ‘ board sim­ply re­in­forces that no­tion.

Phys­i­cally, they’re all nearly iden­ti­cal, with buyer’s choice com­ing down to aes­thet­ics and brand loy­alty. It’s only when you spend a lit­tle more that you get a few extra fea­tures.

$249 | AU.MSI.COM

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